US Sneaks Cuba Hits through Europe

By Prensa Latina,

Madrid : The US Administration increased pressures on the European Union to prevent the lifting of measures imposed in 2003 and boycott European efforts to approach Cuba.

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Spanish journalist Pascual Serrano posted an article in the on-line daily Rebelion, announcing a debate on June 16 in Luxembourg by EU foreign ministers.

Serrano says Washington sent a document to EU authorities claiming rights to urge for a change of government in Cuba and calling for patience before lifting the restrictions suspended in 2005.

Rebelion says the US also calls the EU to quietly urge the Cuban government for action in favour of human rights at the June 16 meeting.

The article reminds of last April’s hushed European tour of Berlin, Brussels, Oslo, Stockholm and Madrid by US Department of States Cuban Transition Coordinator Caleb McCarry.

Rebelion warns that the above confirms lobbying to place European public opinion against Cuba.

The article reminds of recent statements by EU Commissioner for Development Cooperation Louis Michel who called to lift anti-Cuba measures, which he said were essential to resume official political dialogue and normal bilateral ties.

Rebelion also noted increasing demand by European civilian society to lift the anti-Cuba sanctions and reminds of an open letter signed in May by 40 organizations and more than 30 personalities with such demand.