North Korea says ready to help in anti-terrorism fight

By RIA Novosti,

Moscow : North Korea Tuesday said it was ready to be a partner in the global anti-terror campaign.

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“We fully endorse the establishment of a global anti-terrorism system,” a foreign ministry spokesman said in an apparent bid to have Pyongyang’s name withdrawn from the US list of states sponsoring terrorism that would help it get western aid.

The spokesman said North Korea was ready to “become closely involved in international efforts to prevent weapons of mass destruction from falling into the hands of terrorists or the organisations sponsoring them”.

The reclusive communist state previously accused Washington of failing to fulfil its pledge to strike it off its blacklist of countries sponsoring terrorism.

Other countries on the list include Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria.

Inclusion on the blacklist prevents North Korea from receiving low-interest World Bank loans. It also stops the country from receiving loans from other international lending agencies.

Pyongyang recently provided new data on its controversial nuclear activities.

The six-nation negotiations on North Korea’s de-nuclearisation stalled after Pyongyang missed the late-2007 deadline for providing details on its uranium enrichment program and nuclear technology.

Many Western nations suspect Pyongyang of passing the technology to other countries.