Iran takes action with Security Council against US media


New York : Iran took action with the United Nations Security Council against US media campaign over national nuclear program and Iraq meddling.

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Iranian Permanent Ambassador to United Nations Mohammad Khazaee presented a written response to the US media allegations against Iran which was circulated on Friday as the UN Security Council document.

The UN Security Council held a meeting yesterday to review the latest Iraqi developments.

The meeting was attended by Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari and the US Ambassador to the UN Zalmay Khalilzad, president of the Security Council for the month of June.

During the meeting, Khalilzad repeated the US baseless allegations against Iran such as Iran’s role in training and arming certain Iraqi extremist forces.

Khalilzad’s statements were responded by Iran’s permanent representative at the UN.

Since representatives of the Security Council’s non-member states are not permitted to deliver a speech at the Security Council’s sessions, the Iranian envoy presented his written response to the council’s secretariat and members as well as the mass media.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has repeatedly become the victim of terrorist operations and has always condemned such operations in the neighboring Iraq,” Khazaeei said in a statement.

“A secure, safe and stable Iraq will undoubtedly benefit Iran and the entire region,” the statement said.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran would spare no effort to help the Iraqi government and nation establish peace, security and stability.” Condemning the US baseless allegations against Tehran, it said, “Washington has not been able to present even one document proving its anti-Iran allegations.

On the contrary, the Iraqi authorities have repeatedly announced that such claims were baseless and that Tehran has always played constructive role in Iraq.”
“Such efforts by Washington is to mislead the world community from the root causes of the Iraqi problems which include presence of foreign occupying forces in Iraq and their wrong policies and stands regarding the region.”
Iran and Iraq enjoy amicable and brotherly relations and the Iranian nation will always accompany their Iraqi brothers in establishment of stability, tranquility and development in their own country, the statement added.