Beijing to take online application for marriages on Olympic opening day

By Xinhua,

Beijing : Anticipating a rush in couples seeking to marry on the opening day of Olympics Game, authorities in Beijing have announced Wednesday to open an online marriage booking service from Friday.

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Couples seeking Aug 8 as their wedding date can apply from June 20-Aug 5. a Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau official said, adding that the couples would get their marriage certificates on Aug 8 with the booking form.

They can also book on the Beijing Municipal Marriage and Adoption Registration Services Website ( or the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau website (, said Zhai Jianyong, director at Municipal Marriage Registration Service Centre in Beijing.

Howerve, the official advised couples to register their names in person at county or district civil affairs bureaus in order to avoid virtual traffic jam.

Foreigners, overseas Chinese and citizens of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, can also benefit from the service.

“Chinese couples are keen to tie the knot on an auspicious date. Aug 8, 2008, or 8-8-08, is more than just a date: it marks both the opening of the Beijing Olympics and is considered a lucky day for marriage with all the number eights in the date,” said Zhai.

Eight is the most auspicious number for Chinese who believe it brings fortune and happiness.