Iran says 5+1 package under study

By Xinhua,

Tehran : Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini said on Monday that Iran is studying the package of incentives proposed by six major powers, adding that there is no timetable of Iran’s response.

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“Iran is ready for talks with Group 5+1 on the package of incentives presented to Iran by EU foreign policy and security chief Javier Solana,” Hosseini told reporters, saying that Iran will give its answer when the study is finished.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to negotiate on the common views stated in Iran’s package of proposals and the package of incentives provided by the Group 5+1,” he said, adding that Tehran certainly expects the other side to study the Islamic Republic’s package of proposals.

“Mr Solana greeted the package and said the EU states were agreed with the general views of the package,” Hosseini added.

Hosseini considered talks between Iran and Group 5+1 as an “opportunity” for cooperation in areas of mutual concern, calling for seizing the opportunity.

On June 14, Solana handed the offer of incentives to the Iranian authorities on behalf of UN Security Council permanent members — France, Britain, Russia, China and the United States –plus Germany, in a bid to persuade Iran to halt uranium enrichment.

Solana said last Thursday that he received no formal reply from Iran.

Iran has also presented its own package of proposals, which is aimed to help resolve regional and international problems, including Iran’s nuclear issue.