Spanish PSOE Ahead in Electoral Polls

By Prensa Latina

Madrid : Spain´s Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) will win the elections of March 9 by a difference of between 4 and 6 points over the Popular Party (PP) according to two surveys published in Madrid Sunday.

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Spanish radio and TV network SER said PSOE increased their edge in electoral polls to six points, and should be the winners with 44 percent of the votes, by 38 percent obtained by PP.

SER said PSOE had a margin of 5.5 points (44 against 38.5) over PP in a sample published Saturday.

If the PSOE victory is concreted by six points of difference, it would remain with 170 seats in the Spanish Parliament, not enough to reach the majority of 176, while PP would reach 157 seats.

Another electoral poll published by Spanish newspaper El Pais Sunday predicted a victory for PSOE with 42.9 percent of the votes and 38.8 percent for PP, for a difference of 4.1 points.

Regarding the distribution of seats in the Spanish Deputy Chamber, El Pais gives between 165 and 169 seats for PSOE, and between 148-154 for PP.

In the March 2004 elections PSOE won by a margin of 3.9 points, and a voting percent of 42.6 against 37.7 percent obtained by PP. PSOE reached 164 seats in the Parliament and PP reached 148.

Experts said a second television debate on Monday between candidates Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (PSOE) and Mariano Rajoy (PP) will be almost decisive for the elections´ result.

The previous one was carried out last Monday and it concluded with a narrow advantage for the PSOE leader and Spanish government”s president.

According to SER, 37 percent of televiewers that watched the exchange saw Rodríguez Zapatero win, while 26 percent awarded the victory to Mariano Rajoy and 18 percent sentenced a tie.