Cricketers will get to shake their legs in IPL


New Delhi : A traditionalist to the core, India’s spin legend Bishan Singh Bedi has taken a humorous swipe at the Indian Premier League.

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“We will watch cricketers do a jig from April 18. That’s Twenty20 cricket for you,” Bedi said.

“When Kerry Packer introduced colour dresses, it was called pyjama cricket. People who are running IPL are using a very well-tested formula. Some deserving cricketers will become multimillionaire and some, not so deserving, will also become multi-millionaires.

“The IPL auctions were like cattles sold in the market place,” Bedi said at the India Today conclave here Saturday.

He lambasted both International Cricket Council and the Board of Control for Cricket in India for failing to govern the sport.

“ICC is toothless to the core. Cricket was much better organised when England and Australia enjoyed power. For BCCI, it is only about votes. Votes can be bought and sold in a democratic set-up.”

Bedi said ICC has done absolutely nothing to check the growing number of bowlers with defamatory action.

“I do not see any reason why an umpire cannot call a chuck a chuck. ICC and BCCI have done absolutely nothing about checking the menace. In India alone, 17 chuckers were pointed out last season.”

Bedi also rapped the players of the current Indian team who get away with their over-aggressive attitude on the field.

“Sachin Tendulkar had such sobering influence on the game. Youngsters are getting out of hand in the name of giving it back. Is shouting and screaming the only way to give it back?” he asked.