Israel killed 100 Hamas policemen since June

By Xinhua

Gaza : Chief of Hamas Police in Gaza General Tawfiq Jabber said that Israel had killed some 100 Hamas police officers in the Gaza Strip since the movement had taken over the enclave in mid June last year.

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Israeli air fighters hit several police stations and posts in the Gaza Strip over the past nine months, killing about 100 policemen. Israeli air strikes were retaliatory to rockets attacks carried out by Gaza militants against Israel.

Jabber revealed that the police formed by Hamas had evacuated all the police buildings and headquarters all-over the Gaza Strip, in fear that Israel may strike on them in the coming days.

Hamas militias had taken control of the Gaza Strip nine months ago, after it defeated President Mahmoud Abbas security forces. Abbas said no dialogue with Hamas until it gives Gaza back to the Palestinian Authority.

Jabber revealed in a statement sent to reporters that the police in Gaza “have full plans of emergency all-over the Gaza Strip to deal with the current situation in case Israel escalates its military actions.”

He added that the police also have plans to continue acting in the Gaza Strip “in case the police buildings and headquarters are targeted by Israel.”