Spain, Cuba Step up Solidarity

By Victor M. Carriba, Prensa Latina,

Seville, Spain : The 10th Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba in Spain is discussing Saturday several aspects of the work carried by that movement, comprised of over one hundred groups in this country.

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The gathering started Friday in this Spanish city and is analyzing in commissions everything related to the Cuba in the current world, including cooperation, the blockade and media manipulation regarding the Revolution.

Also included are the Bolivarian Alternative of the Peoples of Our America and the role of alternative media in defense of the Caribbean country.

The call, attended by over 250 delegates, is addressed to all associations, groups and organizations of solidarity with Cuba and its Revolution, and other social and political entities that share that labor.

Other aims include exchanging experiences in the work of the movement in Spain, coordinating actions, and boosting activities, campaigns, and programs of solidarity and cooperation with Cuba.

Among main points are the 50th anniversary of the triumph of the island’s Revolution and the drive for the release of five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters imprisoned in United Statesfor almost 10 years.

Osvaldo Martinez, president of the Cuban Parliament Economic Affairs commission, is expected to give an overview of the island’s economy and its perspectives.

Elio Gamez, vice president of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, will also talk about the development of the movement of solidarity with Cuba at an international level.