Indian origin woman found murdered in Birmingham


London : British police have launched a murder inquiry after finding the body of a 23-year-old woman, said to be of Indian origin, in the city of Birmingham Tuesday.

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West Midlands Police, which are responsible for the town, said Wednesday they have not been able to establish her identity but some media reports named her as Jyotirmayee Nagasibabu.

The reports said she came from Andhra Pradesh and was a student at the University of Wolverhampton.

Calls to the university, which appeared to be familiar with the case, were directed to the local police.

The police were called to a house on Montague Road in the area of Handsworth in Birmingham at 1645 hrs Wednesday, a police spokeswoman said.

She said a man was in hospital with injuries. His condition was described as stable.

A post-mortem examination was to be conducted on the woman later Wednesday.

Local press quoted Lal Miah, whose mother lives next door to the house, as saying: “From what I’ve heard it sounds like it was a fight between two people.”

“The ambulance came and took one person away but we heard that one was still in there and it was a woman who had died.”

“We couldn’t believe it really. I didn’t know the people who were there. I heard they were foreign and there were a total of four of them living there,” Lal Miah said.

The police said anyone with information should contact Thornhill Road CID on 0845 1135000.