Kuwaitis abroad keen on voting in NA elections

By Hanan Al-Qaisi, KUNA,

Kuwait : Many Kuwaitis who are studying or working abroad have returned to the state to vote in the National Assembly (NA) elections to be held May 17.

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Speaking to KUNA, a number of those who returned stressed the importance of their participation in the elections and called on fellow voters to elect the best candidates in terms of qualification rather that affiliation.

Mohammad Al-Thifeeri, a Kuwaiti graduate student in Egypt, said he came back to Kuwait to seek information about the candidates and their agendas.

He emphasized that voting is a responsibility, adding that voters should not choose candidates based on personal, tribal, or sectarian interests.

On his part, Isam Al-Enizi, head of a Kuwaiti governmental corporation in London, highlighted the significance of returning to Kuwait in this period to participate in the elections which will be held according to a new five-constituency system this year.

He said that he never missed voting in the past elections, whether parliamentary or municipality elections.

He said that he will elect those who have clear practical agendas that show their care about the interest of Kuwait and its development.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Homoud, a Kuwaiti instructor in an Emirati university, said that voters should elect candidates that consider the interest of Kuwait a priority and aim to develop it economically and socially.