Putin Likely To Confirm Long-term Strategy In Duma

By Bernama,

Moscow : Russia’s would-be Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who will definitely be approved for the post by the State Duma on Thursday, is likely to confirm the long-term strategic plans, which he outlined while being the president of the country, Russia’s Itar-Tass news agency reported.

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“Now the task is to efficiently use the accumulated experience and resources for the next, new quality stage in the development of the country. It is necessary to look beyond the horizon: at least ten years ahead. The talk is about a long-term strategy up to 2020,” Putin said in February.

Putin set three priority guidelines before the future government that would help Russia join the five industrialized nations of the world.

Firstly, he called for equal economic possibilities. “We have to ensure that all the citizens of our country could use their knowledge and skills, and where the help of the state is necessary, enjoy a possibility of receiving high quality education, improve their health, acquire housing, receive worthy incomes, i.e. to have a level of living characteristic of the middle class,” Putin said, adding the middle class should comprise a minimum of 60-70 percent of the population by 2020.

Secondly, an innovation-based economy is necessary for Russia that would boost key industries and agriculture. Putin called for “large-scale modernization of the existing facilities in all the industries.” A major guideline is the development of new globally competitive sectors – aerospace, shipbuilding, power engineering, information, health and other latest technologies.

The third priority is to increase labour productivity. “Russia can join world economic leaders if it secures at least a four-fold growth in labour productivity up to 2020,” Putin said.

The new government has to fulfill an ambitious task of radically improving the quality of life, the national economy and the social sphere, according to Putin.

“There is no serious reason that would bar us from accomplishing the set goals. I am absolutely convinced that we shall make our country strengthen its positions of a world leader and our citizens live a worthy life,” Putin said.