Political Bomb Blasts

By Farrukh Khan,

I feel myself very horrified when I go through various news reports in print and electronic media targeting Muslim community in particular for terrorist activities. Though the target is based on indirect characteristic but in any sane society such game of words is understood. What pains a lot is “media trial”.

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Under the set system of natural justice in general and Indian legal structure in particular there is a clear distinction between an accused and a convict. May I seize liberty of asking honorable members from our media regarded as fourth pillar of democracy in any egalitarian society that from where they derive this right and on which facts this trial is based? Are members of media community not aware of the malpractices prevalent in our police department and political structure? If this is not the case I feel sorry on their understanding of socio-political strata of our country.

In coming paragraphs I would like to go instantly forward. My all observations are cramped to only one burning issue and which would relate the bomb blasts and other terrorist activities with coming parliamentary elections in India, I know that a section from you would not feel comfortable with my interpretation but as a Muslim and as a citizen of India I found myself under moral obligation to throw light on this aspect also. The relation of media with politics is broadly understood and that was the reason which compelled me to begin with joining the missing links with media, politics, society and terrorism.

As a matter of fact every sane entity, irrespective of religion or tradition he follows, would condemn the terrorist activities responsible for taking life of innocent people. But what are the consequences of these heinous acts? Candidly speaking there smells something behind the scene, and that needs to be discussed!

Every time there is a any terrorist activity our police department together with government come to the media asserting that they have strong clue about the incident and shall solve the case very soon… Following this there are series of raids most of them are confined to Muslim localities and again a press conference is organized to take undue credit of arresting the culprits…

Sorry to say that most of them are really innocent and this is not my observation but facts speak of themselves. Majority of “terrorists” arrested are acquitted by courts for the want of evidence. Then again a new role of media emerged now criticizing the government and police about their negligent attitude towards taking up the case, most of news channels refrain from telecasting the acquittal news because they think it would not create any sensation that could raise their “TRP”… Again commercialization of media has a role to play!

To discuss the role of political parties after Delhi serial blasts is also important in this segment. BJP came forward with new theory that Narendra Modi, the guardian of Hindutva in India, had informed the central government about the possibilities of attack in Delhi. He reported to Prime Minster and our Home Minister Shivraj Patil who is good for nothing! I am ok with BJP’s plea but here a question hits my mind: if BJP was aware of this attack and seeing the pessimistic approach of the central government why didn’t it call a press conference to let the nation know that they are the real and only patriot of this nation? I think this question deserves an answer. Isn’t it? I have guts to say that some fascist Hindutva forces that are politically represented by BJP are after this series of attacks…because they crave to capitalize on dead bodies of innocents. They are creating Islamophobia in India like Bush is doing in other parts of the world by targeting Muslims and making others to polarize in their errand!

Next is Congress which is regarded as Messiah of Minorities especially Muslims! Mr. Patil was supervising the “Fake” Encounter from Delhi Police Headquarters as said by himself, so ultimately being Home Minster he must be answerable to the segments of society who are questioning the credibility of the said encounter. Mr. Patil, any answers? For sure I know you would remain tight-lipped as you always prefer to. Really it is a great irony for India that she has a home minister like you.

Again realizing the fact of Muslim vote bank some leaders from Congress came forward in “Damage control” though in very calculated terms. When Prof. Mushirul Hassan announced that Jamia Millia Islamia would provide all necessary legal aid to its students who are accused in Delhi bombing case, suddenly Mr. Arjun Singh, Union HRD Minister jumped in advocating and justifying the the decision of the Jamia VC. But the Congress should now realize that Muslims are now not so mentally backward and they can understand the affairs. Congress knows very well that Muslims have few options as this leaderless community would vote again for it in order to keep BJP out and the same situation is true with other secular political parties! Mr. Amar Singh realizing that it can affect SP vote bank in UP has also asked for judicial enquiry.

I ask why this biasness to us? Are we Muslims not human being? Are we second class citizens of India? If any Hindu is accused of rape would media blame whole community for the said crime? The same rule should govern both aspects. I do not know where this tendency prevailing in our society would take us as a nation. With minorities fast losing their faith in democracy the very future of Indian democracy, the largest in the world, seems to be in peril.

(The author is former Secretary of Aligarh Muslim University Students Union (AMUSU) and former Member of Aligarh Muslim University Court. Presently associated with Qatar based law firm as Legal Consultant-Intellectual Property, he can be reached on [email protected])