UPA decides to issue directive to Orissa under Article 355

By Md. Ali, TwoCircles.net

Patna: Union State Minister for Home, Dr Shakeel Ahmad said here today that his government will issue directive to Orissa under article 355 for its failure to contain violence against the minorities.

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In an exclusive interview to TwoCircles.net, he said that his government is disturbed by anti-Christian violence in Karnataka and Orissa. He claimed that a strong advisory was issued by the Central Government to Karnataka and the state brought the violence under control.

Orissa on the other hand shows no sign of abaitment, where thousands of Christians have been displaced and hundreds killed. Dr. Ahmad said that his government is planning to issue directive under Article 355.

Article 355 allows the Centre to issue directives to a State Government. If the State still fails to address the issue then it can be dismissed under Article 356. Dr. Ahmad said that if the situation on the ground does not improve then the “Government of India will do its constitutional obligation,” a strong hint that UPA will not hesitate in dismissing the Orissa government.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal members have attacked and killed hundreds of Christians since the August killing of Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati, a senior VHP leader.