India a successful democracy because of Hindu religion: Advani


New Delhi : Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate L.K. Advani Friday said only Hindu religion allows secularism and pluralism, making India a successful democracy.

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“For the success of democracy, there should be tolerance for the other point of view. Intolerance is most visible in religious matters… Hindu polity never accepts theocracy, making us a successful democratic nation,” Advani told a gathering during a book launch function organised by India First Foundation.

He gave examples of theocratic nations to prove that it is only India that could support democracy.

“Generals and others take over nations after independence in theocratic nations. Look at Bangladesh, we gave them a secular nation but they could not sustain that for long,” Advani pointed out.

Commenting on one of the three books released at the function, “Fateful Fourth Generation” – a compilation of dynasties of the world that fell during their fourth generation, Advani laughed and said: “I will not comment on this for it might create a controversy, but going by the examples it seems that all the troubles begin at the fourth generation.”

He said the present United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government is “intentionally inactive” against terrorism.

“We keep on deceiving ourselves for the sake of vote bank politics. Why can’t we see the obvious and take action against it. Is it our policy or habit now to keep deceiving ourselves?” he asked.

Advani has been on the offensive against the government as the general elections approach next year and many states go to the polls in the next one or two months.