Highlights of Barack Obama’s interview


Chicago : Democratic Party presidential candidate Barack Obama in an exclusive interview to IANS spoke about policies he will follow if elected. Following are the highlights:

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INDIA: “India is a natural strategic partner for America in the 21st century. The US should be working with India on a range of critical issues from preventing terrorism to promoting peace and stability in Asia. [Vice presidential candidate] Joe Biden and I will make building a stronger relationship, including a close strategic partnership, with India a top priority.”

OUTSOURCING: The US “cannot and should not put up walls around our economy. But we must find a way to make globalization and trade work for American workers”. “I will pursue common-sense measures such as offering tax incentives to companies that create jobs in the United States.”

PAKISTAN: Will “build a broad-based and lasting relationship with the people of Pakistan — not just temporary alliances with their government.” “The US and Pakistan must continue to work together to combat terrorism that has claimed innocent lives in both countries and to destroy the terrorist sanctuaries along the Afghan-Pakistani border”.

IMMIGRATION: Will “increase the number of people we allow in the country legally to a level that unites families and meets the demand for jobs employers cannot fill. “Also improve the “visa programs, including the H-1B program, to attract some of the world’s most talented people to America” and make “immigrant workers less dependent on their employers for their right to stay in the country, and would hold accountable employers who abuse the system and their workers.”

INDIAN AMERICANS: “Look forward to strengthening our relationships with Indian Americans during my administration” and “will reach out to encourage the active engagement of the vibrant Indian American community in making the change we seek”.

CIVIL RIGHTS: Various civil rights “laws, and the institutional practices they created, helped transform our nation into one that is more just, more equal, and more free”.