Women’s disabled home to get Australian Diwali gift


Sydney : A home for mentally disabled women in India can look forward to clean fresh water this Diwali, all thanks to an Australian company, which is gifting them a solar water purifier.

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Melbourne-based SunSure Water Pty Ltd will this week be installing a 12-array “Waterward” solar water purifying unit at the Banyan Centre, a home for mentally disabled women located in Kovalam village in Kancheepuram, near Chennai as part of the Australia India Business Council’s (AIBC) trade mission to India led by former cricketer Max Walker.

“It’s great to go to an exciting place like India and to leave an Australian invention there for a group that really needs it,” said Walker.

By using both infrared and ultraviolet rays from the sun, the purifier converts bore, sea and grey water into pure potable water.

It comes in four and 12 panel arrays producing 24 to 48 liters of clean water on a moderately warm day.

“The Waterward panel is an efficient and easier option to filter-based water purifiers. It is an economic, chemical-free, environmentally-friendly way to purify water,” said eminent physicist John Ward, who was inspired to make the portable device after witnessing first hand the effect of polluted water and water-borne diseases in Zimbabwe.

“This solar water purifier provides both a philanthropic and commercial opportunity in countries such as India. Many parts of India do not have electricity, so a unit like this that merely relies on the sun is ideal for single households, villages, schools and other organizations,” added Ward.