EU Summit Debates on Georgia Crisis

By Prensa Latina,

Brussels : The European Union (EU) extraordinary summit analyzed Monday the crisis in Georgia and strengthening of Russian peace contingent in the autonomous regions of Southern Osetia and Abjasia.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry’ spokesman Andrei Nesterenko subjected the EU from Moscow to avoid using the sanction language since it is a dead language in Russia that brings about negative consequences, he noted.

The spokesman also affirmed that Georgian aggression to southern Osetia have created a new situation in the world in which his country took a definitive position but denied that it could bring changes in the development of the Russian foreign policy.

The 27 states must discuss a common position in relation with their links with Russia.

The meeting, called by the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, which country presides over the EU in this six-month period will speak loud to put their relations with Moscow under observation, noted sources from the community.

Russia and the EU have scheduled a meeting, aimed at debating an ambitious bilateral agreement with the view to create a strategic long-term link over which the talks began last July.