PM urged to reject Gujarat organized crime bill

By news desk,

New Delhi: Prominent social and cultutral activists, academicians and grassroot workers in Gujarat have appealed to the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh not to allow the Gujarat Control of Organised Crime (GUJCOC) Bill, citing its draconian features.

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In a letter to the PM on September 2, the distinguished citizens have strongly opposed the Gujarat government’s decision to bring in GUJCOC Bill, arguing that there is no place for such draconian legislation in the state as the law presumes people guilty even before evidence was
filed to corroborate the charges.

The prominent people who have written to the PM include: Mallika Sarabhai, Dr Ghanshyam Shah, Mrinalini Sarabhai, Father Cedric Prakash, Gautam Thakar, Sheba George, Haneef Lakdawala, Digant Oza, Trupti Shah, Xavier Manjooran, Indu Kumar Jani, Vidyut Joshi, Yusuf Shaikh and Shabnam Hashmi.

Reasoning their opposition of GUJCOC, the human rights activists said: “A large number of innocent young Muslims have been and are being victimized by the police on the charge of being involved in various terrorist acts across the country. Gujarat perhaps tops the list.” They further said: “Those citizens who are picked up by the police officers for interrogation and are subject to repeated harassment and torture, are implicated in false cases even after release or acquittal and are further subjected to mental and physical torture.” It is feared that GUJCOC will further make the law enforcing agencies more brutal and violater of human rights.

They warned that “This victimization and demonisation of Muslims in the guise of investigation of terror offences, is having a very serious psychological impact on the minds of not only the families of the victims but also other members of the community. It is leading to a very strong sense of insecurity and alienation which may lead to frightful consequences for the nation.”

The security-centric state of Gujarat is empowering itself ever more while robbing citizens of freedom and security, they pointed out.