Information on terrorist attack in Islamabad received three-day ago: official


Islamabad : Pakistan Interior Ministry said Sunday the authorities had information three days ago that terrorists will carry out attack in the capital Islamabad.

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“We had information that terrorists can strike near the parliament or any other place in Islamabad,” Interior Advisor Rehman Malik told a news conference.

Malik said that the suicide bomber used a dumper, carrying construction material, for the attack.

He said the bomber wanted to target Hotel Marriot.

He said according to data, the Saturday suicide attack was the biggest in terms of volume wise and the quantity of explosives used in seven years.

He informed the reporters that 600 kg of explosives were used for the attack.

He said preliminary investigations show that RDX and TNT of high intensity were used for the attack, which is used by the army.

The explosion created 60 feet diameter and 54 feet deep crater on the road, Malik said.

He rejected the reported offer by the United States to help Pakistani investigators to probe the deadliest suicide attack in the country in seven years.

“We do not need any help. We are competent, we reject it,” the Interior Advisor said when asked if Pakistan will seek help from the American investigators.

He said that the bomber targeted Hotel Marriot, an international chain, to attract attention of the world, adding that foreign investors and journalists stay in the hotel.

Malik did not blame any group for the attack but said that most of such attacks in the past had roots in the tribal region of Waziristan.

“Unless we complete investigation as to who is done it, I can not blame any one but all the roads have gone to South Waziristan in the previous investigations,” he said.

He confirmed 53 deaths and 266 injured.

He added that four foreigners, including the ambassador of Czech republic, were killed and 11 others were injured.

The injured included Britain Germans also.

Asked if the American Marines were staying at the Hotel when the attack was happened, the advisor said that US Marines may have been staying there but, but their stay does not justify to kill hundreds of innocent people.

“The US should not be a reason for attack on other people,” Malik said.

He denied reports about the arrest of any one in connection with the attack and said no arrest has been made and investigation teams are working hard.

Malik asked the journalist not to air interviews of the militants, who he said are killing innocent people.

“Please stop glorification of the militants,” he added.

He said that several foreigners have been arrested in the tribal region of Bajaur, who have links with some local people and they would soon be arrested.