Alternative therapy healer lists steps to heal conscious minds


New Delhi : Shivi Dua, a computer software professional, switched professions when her daughter was diagnosed with asthma in 2000. She started practising Reiki — and treated her daughter with it.

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A few years on, in 2005, Dua moved to a new and powerful form of alternative healing — Theta healing, which cured her daughter permanently.

By then, Dua had become popular as a healer across the country. “In 2007, I decided to write about my experience as a theta healer and explain the ways to heighten human consciousness so that it is in tune with the subconscious. When both these states are taken to a meditative level, the brain begins to emit positive theta waves to connect to the higher cosmic energy — which is the basis of theta healing,” Dua told IANS.

The result of a three-and-half months of hard work was a slim volume “Let The Power Be With You” — a primer for positive living which is the first step to theta healing.

Published by Wisdom Tree, the book was released by danseuse Sonal Mansingh at the Oxford Bookstore in the capital Friday.

“The people who had received treatment from me wanted me do something for the conscious mind because I usually treat the subconscious. The conscious mind needs counselling so that both are in tune and my patients wanted the counselling sessions to be documented,” Dua said.

Theta healing, says Dua, involves taking brain waves to a new level so that they tune the natural frequency of the body to connect to cosmic forces. The treatment is based on the premise that “everything emanates from within one own’s self”.

“The brain emits four kinds of rays — alpha, beta, theta and gamma,” Dua said, adding the theta waves (4-7 cycles per second) usually occur in sleep or in the highest state of meditation.

In this state, human minds are most receptive to information from a higher dimension. The waves are used by theta healers to re-programme core beliefs and soul levels at the crown chakra on the top of the head.

“It cures back problems, chronic ailments like asthma and changes lifestyles. But not everyone is ready to heal. One has to be receptive to the healing energy,” Dua said.

Theta healing, which was brought to India in 2005 by Sangita Sahi, a London-based healer, was founded by US-based Vianna Stibal, an artist, writer and psychic healer, 15 years ago.

“As a healer, I came across people facing types of problems — physical, mental and emotional. But every problem has a common thread, they stem from a negative set of beliefs carried by the person. During each healing session, counselling at the patient’s conscious level is aimed at making him realise how he shapes his life events and contributes in creating his own stress. This gives him a different perspective to life and helps him alter its course,” Dua said.

The book is divided into five sections. The first aims at understanding how a human being himself is responsible for everything that he experiences in life.

The second section deals with various inner conflicts while the third deals with the negative emotions that mar relationships. The fourth is an account of how inner power can help beat stress and the last section explains how, having cleared all the blocks within ourselves at various levels, we can use our power to achieve what gives us utmost satisfaction.

The book is full of examples. “Our back represents our support system, it supports the physical body to be erect. It is therefore affected by all the support system that we carry. I have found financial support related insecurities in people with lower back problem,” Dua writes, citing an instance.