Delhi civic body to give citizens tulsi to battle swine flu


New Delhi: The national capital’s civic agency is all set to tackle the spread of the influenza A (H1N1) virus in its own unique way – by distributing medicinal plants like tulsi and giloy to residents. Ayurvedic practitioners believe these plants can boost immunity and help fight swine flu.

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Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) leader of house Subhash Arya Wednesday said: “The corporation will provide giloy branches and leaves as well as tulsi plants to the citizens of Delhi free of cost so that they could safeguard themselves from swine flu.”

“These will be distributed through the municipal councillors from their residential offices. The residents of their ward would collect these herbal plants from there,” he added.

This decision was taken after a meeting of MCD councillors and members of the civic agency’s garden and horticulture departments.

“It was decided that keeping in view the preventive and curative powers of these herbal plants, these should be made available free of cost to the citizens,” Arya said.

Arya explained that the ayurvedic system of medicine prescribes that these herbs should be boiled in water at night till the quantity of the soup reduces to one-fourth.

“It should be taken in half glass measure after filteration every morning. I am confident that it will prevent as well as cure the prevailing swine flu,” he said.