Pakistan to examine evidence to issue red notice against Hafiz Saeed: Minister Rehman Malik


London : Pakistan on Thursday said it needs to examine the evidence provided by India to issue Red Notice against Hafiz Saeed, who it claims was involved in the Mumbai attacks.

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Interior Minister Rehman Malik, responding to a question at a press conference along with the MQM leader Altaf Hussain, said Pakistan has received the dossier from India, but needs to examine it whether it meets the procedural requirements.

“We need tangible evidence which can stand the test of the court,” Rehman Malik said.

He said the action taken by the government of Pakistan in this regard has been very transparent.

“We have already arrested five” he said and added that “two more have been arrested” about whom he will provide more information soon.

Rehman Malik said Pakistan has examined all the evidence provided by India. About the Red Notice, he said “we will examine it.” He however pointed out that certain procedures were required to pursue the Red Notice.

He, however, said that “Pakistan will never allow anyone nor will allow our side to be used against India or anyone else.”

He also recalled the statement by Indian Prime Minister that some terrorist activity might occur in India and demanded that India share it with Pakistan. “Please give us some information, we want that information, because we want to go to the depth.”

He said India had arrested several of suspects well before the Mumbai attacks occurred and said it would not have happened, had Pakistan received the information in time.