For empowerment, practicing Muslims should come to politics

By Mohammad Allam,

For the Muslims in general and Imanwala in particular, the name of politics is synonymous for abusing. Is it the right attitude towards the main power flowing body of the society, which controls the social, political, cultural and economic nerve of the society? No, in my opinion this is not right.

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If we examine the cause of decline of the Islamic power we find that the honest people were dragged to cave to recite Allaho Allaho while leaving the control of the Umma in the hands of dishonest people who destroyed the basic fabric of Islamic Umma by promoting nepotism, corruption, materialism and anti-social evils. And result was the exit of Islamic leadership from trade and commerce, science and technology, military power, collapse of morality, desire to serve the Umma and loyalty to Islam.

In present time we see the progress of other marginalised communities who through political power turned their fate. The community of OBCs in general and Yadavs in particular under Lalu Prasad and V P Singh, SCs and STs under Ram Vilas Paswan in Bihar and Mayawati in UP started the era of prosperity. But where are the Muslims? We are responsible for this because we have not any political plan, political fund and a trustworthy party. We have forgotten the role of Prophet of Allah in a secular society of Medina and consider politics as an immoral act.

Now what we should do? Let’s start with a plan. Under the banner of any organisation, let’s start our political fund. If we have all sorts of fund then why not we have a political fund for political empowerment supported by individual political budget? If we have all sorts of budget in our household then why not a Political Empowerment of Community Budget (PEOCM)? Use this fund to help those leaders who are well wisher of the community. Do not see from which party, cast, region and religion they belong. If we want to do individually then select a political party and pay 1 rupee to 5 rupees per month. A little contribution from us will change the political combination, from more tickets to more chance of winning seats.

The fate of a community is changed by act, not by just verbosity. Change the meaning of politics from evil to good. Islamize the contents of politics and pave the way for more entry in arena of political empowerment. At this time our country needs honest, dedicated, humanistic, liberal and visionary workers. Are Muslims ready to accept the challenge?

(The author teaches at Aligarh Muslim University)