Astrologers predict gloomy political career for Sanjay Dutt


New Delhi : The stars may not be shining for actor Sanjay Dutt on the political front. Prominent astrologers and tarot card readers have warned that politics does not bode well as a career for the Bollywood actor.

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“His Jupiter is not strong and I do not see him getting into power and if he, by any chance, manages to win, it will bring him a bad reputation. Otherwise things are very good for him. He is an entertainer and should stick to only that,” astrologer Ajay Bhambi told IANS.

“He is a blue-eyed boy of the industry because in spite of doing so many wrong things in life, he is still loved by everyone. He is the hero of the common man as he has come out victorious from the hardships that he has faced all through his life.

“But dabbling in politics will do no good to his image,” Bhambi said.

The astrologer was referring to Dutt’s chequered personal life which has seen him battle drug addiction and being convicted for arms possession in the 1993 Mumbai blasts. In what could be a new chapter in his life, only days ago the Samajwadi Party had claimed he would be its candidate from Lucknow in the upcoming general elections.

Tarot card reader Poonam Sethi says that she does not see Dutt being directly involved in politics. “My cards say he will not get involved in politics directly, his wife might take the plunge but I do not see him getting active in politics,” Sethi said.

“In case he manages to get into it, it will not last for a long time; it will just be an unsuccessful stint in politics,” she added.

Seema Midha, another tarot card expert and numerologist, agreed and said Dutt’s political career did not seem bright. In fact his wife Manyata seems to have brighter chances than him, she said.

“He is doing so many things right now and it will be very difficult for him to balance everything; hence his political career looks very doubtful and I do not think his move in politics is a good one,” Midha told IANS.

However, she added, while this year would be “a bit difficult for him, this move could reap him benefits in the coming year,” she added.

Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla refused to comment on his chances in politics but said his career would pick up from April.

“He is a Leo and is full of talent and energy. As an actor he has proved his mettle. All I can see and make out from his horoscope is that from the month of April, his career will pick up and he will be a happy man,” Daruwalla told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

“Politics is a part of life. As I have said he will be a happy and successful man, and that means in all his future endeavours, he will get success.”