Berlin confab stresses no Mideast peace possible without Hamas

Berlin, Jan 19, IRNA — Efforts to seek a solution to the Israeli- Palestinian conflict must include Hamas, Mideast experts said Monday in Berlin at a one-day a conference on the Gaza conflict.

“It is impossible to think that one does not have to talk to Hamas,” said Hajo Lanz of the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation, linked to the co-ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD).
“Stigmatizing Hamas is not the solution,” he warned.

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Lanz stressed this “window of opportunity” should be used by the West for an rapprochement with Hamas.

The sentiment was shared by Oliver Ernst of the conservative Konrad-Adenauer Foundation which is affiliated with the co-governing Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

“Hamas has to get the feeling that it is being integrated in a solution,” he said.
“There is no permanent peace possible without Hamas,” Ernst added.

Meanwhile, the head of the German Orient Institute, Gunter Mullack said talking to Hamas is “a must” since the Palestinian group is in charge of Gaza.

He called ” for a comprehensive dialogue” in the Middle East involving not only Hamas but also Iran and Syria.

Mullack made clear that failure to jump-start such talks over the next months would effectively destroy any Middle East peace prospects.