300 hostages killed by FARC, says former guerrilla

By Xinhua,

Bogota : A former guerrilla of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) has revealed that at least 300 kidnapped people were killed by the group in the jungles of Colombia.

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The former rebel gave the information to a local radio programme “The Voices of the Kidnapping”, which works for the liberation of hostages in Colombia.

During the programme, the former guerrilla revealed places where some corpses could be found.

Liliana Bustos, daughter of kidnapped military officer Hernan Bustos, said she had known her father had been killed, but the revelation had ended the hopes for hundreds of other families whose relatives were abducted.

“I knew my father was killed by the FARC, according to the testimony of a guerrilla. But at least I want to find his corpse and give him a Christian burial,” Bustos said.

Meanwhile, hundreds of former FARC members said they will inform prosecutors of places where other bodies can be found if they can be protected by the Law of Justice and Peace.

Another former guerrilla said he is ready to identify a common grave containing the bodies of 16 people.

These former guerrillas insist they have renounced subversive activities and want to be admitted to rehabilitation programmes introduced by the government in 2006 for paramilitary groups.