No to “Gay Ho”: SIO stages protest against Delhi HC order

By News Desk

Mumbai: Students affiliated to Students Islamic Organization of India held a demonstration after Juma Prayer today at Azad Maidan in Mumbai protesting the Delhi High Court order that has legalized homosexuality by scraping the Article 377 which has so far made the unnatural sex illegal.

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Several students were holding placards in their hands with slogans like “God made Adam & eve, not Adam and Steve”, “Even animals are not homosexuals”, “Human rights are bound by Human Dignity”, “ Support Gays to promote AIDS” etc. They agitated and demanded that the central government should stick to article 377 and must challenge the recent high court verdict in the Supreme Court.
Delhi High court delivered a controversial judgment to amend a 149 years old law– section 377 of IPC—which criminalized consensual unnatural sex acts of adults in private. The two-judge bench observed that this law has violated the fundamental rights to personal liberty given under article 21 of the constitution.

Homosexuality is a psychological disorder and a major cause of AIDS opined Mr. Kamran Baig, an engineering student. He also quoted the data from a 2005 study by the Center for Disease Control of USA which observed that 71% of all HIV infected male adults were Gay.

Today on the argument of human rights homosexuality is legalized, tomorrow on the same argument we will have to legalize child sex lovers, animal sex lovers, drug addicts etc. said Waheed Shaikh, an agitator.

National president of SIO of India Suhail KK earlier said: “Gay and lesbianism are against basic humanitarian values and against the social fabric of a civilized society. No person is born homosexual just like no one is born a thief liar or murderer. These evil habits are acquired from surroundings. The agenda of homosexuals is just to universalize their behavior and make the notion that it is normal. It is extremely sad to see that instead of trying to implement measures to curb heinous and uncultured practices, even courts are legalizing them.”

Although this High court ruling is limited to Delhi but will pave the way for repealing the article 377. It should be stopped here and now. There must be a clear differentiation between human rights and social obligations. Even the family system, the bone of any civilized society is at the stake, Aslam Gazi, spokesperson, Jamaat-e-Islami, Hind, Maharashtra, said.