Management graduate held for ‘lover triangle’ murder


New Delhi: A 24-year-old graduate of the Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) has been arrested here for the murder of a fellow student over what police said Tuesday was a love triangle.

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Rahul Chadha, a Ghaziabad resident who completed his MBA from IIPM in June 2008, was arrested Monday from Mehrauli area for the May 25 murder of Anand Tiwari, 26.

Tiwari, who hailed from Kolkata, was staying with friends in a flat in Katwaria Sarai, also in south Delhi.

Police said Chadha and his friends Arjun and Arun hit Tiwari with iron rods and stoned him to death in a deserted area in the Qutub Institutional Area before throwing his body in a drain.

The accused tried to disfigure the victim’s face to hide his identity, police said, adding that they were hunting for Arjun and Arun.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (South Delhi) H.G.S. Dhaliwal said Chadha told them that Tiwari was very “intimate” with a female student of the same institution and the two were supposed to go to Switzerland May 27.

“As Chadha also had close relations with the girl, he detested her intimacy with Tewari. He scolded Tiwari many times and asked him to keep away from the girl. On several occasions the two had heated arguments,” Dhaliwal said.

“Arjun worked in the factory owned by the girl’s father. He saw the girl as his sister and disliked her association with Tiwari. Chadha, Arjun and one of their friends, Arun, hatched a conspiracy and killed Tewari,” he said.

Police said Arjun invited Tiwari for a drink in a pub in Saket while Chadha and Arun waited outside in a car. Later, Arjun took Tewari to the forested patch of the Qutub area on his motorcycle under the pretext of going for a walk while Rahul and Arun followed them.

Once in the forested and deserted area, Arjun hit Tewari on his head with an iron rod. When Tiwari fell down, Chadha and Arun hit him with stones and iron rod, police said.