Maharashtra: Minorities demand ITIs in 42 districts

By Abdul Hameed,

Mumbai: In a 7-point memorandum to the higher education minister Vilas Tope a delegation of the minority institutions led by Federation of the Minority Educational Organization president Fauzia Khan on June 23 demanded for some steps to be taken towards quality education for the minorities especially Muslims.

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The delegation put their demands in a meeting with Vilas Tope in the Mantaralya. As per the Rashtriya Sahara report the memorandum demands that:

(1) The word ‘permanent’ should be removed from the term ‘permanent non grant schools’ to ensure that these schools too get the government facilitates available for ‘non grant’ schools.

(2) Unless there are a considerable number of minority institutions, the minority students should be given reservation in the higher education institutions as per the recommendations of the Sachar Committee report. It will be meant for providing ‘fair representation to Muslims’.

Owing to the under representation of Muslim students in common engineering and medical colleges minority students should be given a fixed quota. (Fauzia Khan reportedly told the minister said that mater was under consideration.)

(3) A technical minority university should be constructed in Marathwada (Aurangabad) and an amount of Rs 100 crore should be allotted for the purpose.

(4) The National Minority Education Committee is constituted on centre level. It has the status equal to that of the High Court and its orders are compulsory to be implemented. There are complains regarding their implementation which should be removed. And on the basis of the commission the state commissions should be formed.

(5) The minority students are being deprived from EBC scholarships on the ground that they get scholarship from Minority Welfare Department. It should be stopped and the minority students should be given EBC scholarships too.

(6) ITI institutions for minorities should be constructed in 42 minority dominated districts of Maharashtra.

(7) The compulsory condition of recruiting only SC/ST employees in minority institutions should be put to an end.