Milli Organizations Still Groping For General Elections Strategy


New Delhi: Maulana Mahmood Madani has returned from a hectic visit to Assam but kept mum on impending general elections. Muslim leaders from about a dozen Muslim political parties also concede that country’s political scenario is changing fast but nothing is visible. Naturally, Muslim voters are perplexed.

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New Muslim faces such as Maulana Badruddin Ajmal, Dr. Ayyub and Amir Rashadi are being relied in a circle of Delhi intelligentsia but their impact is either limited or tied with some particular issues. Amir Rashadi has devoted himself to Batla House encounter case and Dr. Ayyub has not transcended the boundaries of Uttar Pradesh.

Earlier, Maulana Badruddin Ajmal seemed a promising name but his recent dabbling in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Bihar, Jharkhand and some other states could not evolve any consensus. At one time, he even tried to break some graceful compromise with Congress Party but his equations with Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi failed him.

Mas’ood Madani, Maulana Mahmood Madani’s brother, who joined Samajwadi Party with big fanfare in Delhi a couple of weeks ago, has only confounded Muslim voters by announcing that he will work for his brother Maudood Madani. Maudood Madani has already disheartened Muslims by his submissive activities on that party’s platform.

It is believed in political circles here that Maulana Mahmood Madani may fall in Samajwadi Party’s net any time but Muslims are angry with the party leader Mulayam Singh who has admitted Kalyan Singh in his fold.

It is to be noted that Kalyan Singh was the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh when Babri Masjid was demolished. Therefore, he is an unforgivable guilty in the sight of Muslims.

Recently, Syed Ahmad Bukhari, the Imam of Shahi Jame Masjid, Delhi expressed his anguish on friendship between Mulayam Singh and Kalyan Singh saying, “Mulayam Singh will have to decide whether Muslims are dearer to him or the demolisher of Babri masjid, Kalyan Singh” he said adding “The breach of faith with Muslims makes him unpardonable.”

Maulana Bukhari vehemently objected to Mulayam Singh’s acceptance of Kalyan Singh as a ‘national’ leader and referred to the objectionable words expressed by kalyan Singh before Librahan Commission. “It is this Kalyan Singh who admitted before Librahan Commission that he had no repentance for demolition of Babri masjid because it was a symbol of serfdom”, Maulana Bukhari argues.