IPL breaks heart of fans across the country


Delhi/Mumbai/Chandigarh : Cricket fans all over the country were left disappointed with the Indian cricket board’s decision to shift the hugely popular Indian Premier League (IPL) out of the country.

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Cricket fans felt the shift would take the sheen off the tournament, especially for the youngsters, who were looking forward to the cricketing extravaganza after their annual school and board exams.

“Today’s decision has come as a shock. In all my excitement, I had even applied for my leave at work! Now of course it will be a different story,” said Sourav Dey, a software engineer working in Delhi.

“After last year’s adrenaline pumping experience of watching the Twenty20 matches at the Eden Gardens with all my friends, this year I was hoping for the same.”

Another disappointed fan, Dev Sharma, said: “Watching the Delhi Daredevils play in Essex or Manchester will not carry the same emotion as watching them play at the Ferozeshah Kotla Stadium.”

Even for those who planned to watch the matches on TV, the decision to shift the IPL out of the country left a bitter taste.

“This time I don’t think the same excitement will prevail. With all the matches happening outside, the reaction of the Indian crowd gives a different flavour. We will miss IPL at home,” said Delhiite Rasika Jain.

A lot of fans were planning to watch the event live for the first time this year.

“Last year I was appearing for my Class 12 exams. Then I had decided that come what may, this time I will definitely watch the live action – after all nothing compares to watching a match live amid a cheering crowd! But I will have to follow on TV now.”

Cricketer Rakesh Jolly, who had represented North zone in Ranji Trophy, called it a big embarrassment for the Indian cricket board.

“They had to change the venue because of security concerns. IPL should understand that it is not possible to change the poll dates but they could easily alter the schedule of the tournament.”

Former India captain Kapil Dev’s coach D.P Azad, however, said it will not make much difference as Indians are crazy about cricket.

“I do not think that the change in venue will impact the second edition of IPL. There are many cricket enthusiasts who will certainly follow the game, irrespective of wherever happens,” Azad told IANS.

Cricket lover Dukool Pandya, however, preferred to see the positives.

“IPL abroad will ensure 100 percent participation from the players from all countries, including those who were hesitant to come,” said the Juhu resident.

Some fans feel the IPL has become a victim of Indian politics.

“I guess it was just not meant to be. I fail to understand how incompetent can our government be that they can’t ensure the security of just a handful of players! It’s a shame,” said Nitin Shah, a Borivli-based builder.

Shakshi Misra, a big IPL fan, went on to ask: “Why keep calling it the Indian Premier League now that it will not be held in India? And the worse thing is that politicians are now making it a poll issue! Let the game be, please!”.