Ban Bajrang Dal, have more economic control: Left


New Delhi : The four Left parties Tuesday called for a ban on the Bajrang Dal and greater state intervention in economy as they sought votes for the Lok Sabha elections.

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Presenting a joint platform ahead of the April-May battle, the Communist Party of India, Communist Party of India-Marxist, Forward Bloc and Revolutionary Socialist Party claimed credit for the pro-poor policies of the Manmohan Singh government when they were backing it till July 2008.

The need of the hour, they said in a joint statement, was more state intervention and massive public investment to generate employment in rural and urban areas.

They demanded increased taxes on the affluent sections, removal of tax concessions to corporates and a drive to unearth black money. They wanted the public sector to be strengthened in the core and strategic areas.

The Left parties said they stood for small and medium enterprises in labour intensive sectors, protection of traditional industries like coir and handloom and also a review of FDI norms in sensitive sectors.

The government should maintain predominant control over banking and insurance sectors, a joint statement by the four parties said.

They demanded a ban on Bajrang Dal and promotion of secular values in education and culture, besides a revamp of the intelligence machinery and modernization of the security forces.

The Left parties called for a review of the India-US nuclear pact, over which they ended their support to the Manmohan Singh government last year, and the Defence Framework Agreement with the US.

“The Left Parties are working with the non-Congress, non-BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) parties so that after the elections there can be an alternative secular government that will pursue pro-people policies,” the statement said.