Low ticket prices for IPL in South Africa, says Lalit Modi

By Fakir Hassen, IANS,

Johannesburg : Ticket prices for the IPL 2009 games to be played at eight South African stadiums will be reasonably priced to allow local fans to watch as many games as possible, IPL Chairman and Commissioner Lalit Modi said here Friday night.

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“The ticket prices will be very conservative,” Modi said in an interview on local radio station Talk Radio 702.

“It’s going to be lower than the international prices that one would pay when going to a South Africa game; and probably just marginally higher than you would pay for a domestic match.”

Modi said tickets would start going on sale within the next two days, and depending on the cities where matches would feature, could range between 20 and 80 rands (about $2-8).

Modi expressed confidence that this would add to the huge success of the IPL 2009, which is being played here because of security concerns in India.

“This is a country that loves sport and loves cricket. All the top 100 cricketers from around the world will be participating in this tournament.

“The Morkel brothers (Albe and Morne) will be playing against each other for the first time; there will be Pietersen against Flinthoff; there are going to be lots for rivalries out there.”

Modi said although the majority of spectators would be from South Africa, there would be a few thousand coming in from India as well.

“We have lots and lots of packages that are being put together as we speak and a lot of interest from all around the world for people to come to this beautiful country.”

Modi also unveiled plans for the extravaganzas on the periphery of the IPL games: “There will be entertainment before the game, live bands after the games, and during the breaks.

“We want it to be like a carnival – a taste of modern India coming to South Africa and hopefully leaving a legacy behind.

“The opening ceremony in Cape Town will have acts from Las Vegas, concerts, singers and other special events to be finalised in the next few days. On April 16 we will have a street carnival with over 200 players from all over the world along with many stars and fans tobring the flavour of India to the people for Cape Town.”