Gujarat riot victims seeking votes for Lalu in Patna

By Manzar Bilal,,

Patna: No one knows what Lalu Prasad Yadav and his party RJD have done so far for the victims of the Gujarat riots 2002 but they have succeeded in bringing some riot victims from Gujarat to campaign for Lalu in Patna. A team of four victims of infamous Gujarat riot is seeking votes for Lalu who is contesting for Patliputra Lok Sabha seat.

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Ishtyaq Ansari, Qureshi Ghulam Rasool, Shakila Bano and Md Yaseen Ansari, who are among thousands of those who lost their relatives and properties in 2002 Gujarat pogrom, came Patna to seek help of RJD chief Lalu Prasad believing that he will get them justice.

They met Lalu Prasad and told him tales of their destruction in a meeting where other RJD leaders were also present. Their painful stories fielded audiences’ eyes with tears.

Shakila Bano, who hails from Ahmadabad, said that her husband was killed by rioters in the Gujarat carnage but he was not recognized as dead rather as missing by Gujrat government. So she was denied any assistance by government. She has gone two times to Delhi for justice but all in vain so far.

She told Mr. Prasad that Muslim community of Gujarat respects him because he has done a wonderful job for Muslims by inquiring Godhra train incident and brought real culprits before people. She further said that now she came to seek his help for providing them with due compensations and justice.

Ishtyaq Ansari, Qureshi Ghulam Rasool and Md Yaseen Ansari, who were injured in the Gujarat riot and have spots of wounds on their bodies, also requested Lalu Prasad to help them.

Mr. Prasad assured them to help them for providing them with compensation by removing all kinds of barriers in the way as he did by appointing Banerjee Commission.

Though the delegation came to seek help from Lalu Prasad but later they stayed two days in Patna and visited Muslims areas and requested Muslims to keep away communal parties from the power. Otherwise they will make whole country like Gujarat. They sought votes for Lalu showing spots of wounds, telling their painful stories. They were telling people that Lalu is the only person who can defeat communal leaders such as L.K Advani and Narendra Modi. A large number of people came out of their homes and welcomed them warmly.

Notably, Patliputra is Yadav dominated constituency and three Yadavs are in fray from here as JD-U has fielded former RJD MP Ranjan Prasad Yadav, who was a close friend of Lalu Prasad and Congress has also fielded a former RJD MP, Vijay Singh Yadav, who was considered right hand of Lalu Prasad and had been campaigning for Lalu until two days before nomination but surprisingly he emerged as opponent of Lalu. In this circumstances Muslim votes are believed to be decisive. Therefore all parties have set their eyes on Muslim votes.