Pakistan-Afghan-Turkey meets on regional security


Islamabad : The joint meeting of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Commissions of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkey in Ankara, expressed the resolve to cooperate on ensuring regional security and finding the ways to curb terrorism.

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This was discussed in a meeting arranged by Foreign Affairs Commission of the GNAT. The Pakistan side was headed by Asfandyar Wali Khan, Chairman of the Pakistan National Assembly Foreign Affairs Committee, while the Afghan delegation was led by Muhammad Shakir Karger, the Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Afghanistan People’s Assembly.

The delegations voiced their views in a constructive atmosphere, says a press release issued by Turkish embassy here.

The meeting moderated by Chairman of the GNAT Foreign Affairs Commission Murat Mercan, expressed to solve regional issues together and determination to solve problems within the democratic parliamentary system.

The proposal of Murat Mercan to take up issues in regular meetings among parliamentarians, was welcomed in principle by all sides.

The Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Commissions will lead this initiative and meet three times a year.

The next meeting will be hosted by Pakistan and will take up the issues of terrorism, extremism and narcotics trafficking, while the following meeting will take place in Afghanistan.

It was decided that the joint commission of the three parliaments will be in contact among its members besides the regular meetings in order to share their ideas on solutions to issues.

The representatives of Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV) made a presentation of the ‘Istanbul Forum’ that brings together the business communities of the three countries initiated by the Turkish Union of Chambers and Stock Exchanges (TOBB).