Muslim League reviving its cadres in Bihar to contest next assembly poll

By Manzar Bilal and Mudassir Rizwan,,

Patna: “If Muslims had been united, no political party or government would have ignored them. It is a matter of concern that Bihar has 18% Muslims but it has not given reservation to them while other states like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Karnatka have sanctioned reservation for them” said Mr. E. Ahmad, the Railway Minister for state, here on 11 October.

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He was addressing a program organized by Bihar chapter of Indian Union Muslim League at conference hall of Taramandal in Patna.

Mr. E. Ahmad who is also national president of Indian Union Muslim League came here at his two-day visit to gear up the workers and members of the party for assembly election in the state likely to be held next year.

Criticizing Bihar political leaders, he said that Muslim community of the state has got nothing from those politicians who came to power in the state and enjoyed long terms by the virtue of Muslim votes.

“Leave alone to do any thing for the betterment of the Muslims, the state government did not implement lots of central government’s schemes meant for minorities. I really regret upon the situation in the state” he added.

He highly praised the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh for his welfare schemes to uplift the minority communities.

“It was Dr. Manmohan Singh who concerned the problems of Muslims and started some welfare schemes to solve them and at least he gave Muslims assurance to meet their challenges. But I cannot say that all problems of the community have been solved during the regime of Manmohan Singh” said Mr. Ahmad.

“We are national Minority and we are not asking charity from any one but our constitutional rights along with other backward classes” he added.

He also said that Muslim League has been representing in the parliament since 1952 till the date without any break though sometimes with one or sometimes with two members. On the contrary there were many parties that came and went and now that do not have even regional appearance.

“Muslim League will contest the next assembly election in the state with enthusiasm and it will also give the fair representation to women. Therefore, I appeal to women to come forward and take part in the activity of Indian Muslim League” he said.

Urging the party workers, he said: “We should strengthen the party at village level, for that we will have to work hard and go from door to door.”

Hundreds of common people, dignitaries and party workers including women were present in the program to listen to Mr. E Ahmad.

Speaking on the occasion, the president of Bihar Indian Muslim League, Mr. Naeem Akhter said that the party has succeeded to have its units in 20 districts out of 38 in the state and trying to get recognition across the state.

“We have examined all parties in the state but they did not do anything for us. So, it is time to give a chance to Indian Muslim League. Insha Allah (if God wills) you will get the fruits on the pattern of Kerala” he promised.