AIUDF demands diplomatic pressure against Pakistan, China

By, news desk,

Patna: The All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) strongly condemned the clean chit by Pakistan government to Hafiz Saeed, one of the suspected perpetrators for Mumbai attacks on 26 November 2008. The party also criticized China’s recent activities against India and urged the Indian government to take tough action against them by using diplomatic pressure.

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In a statement, AIUDF president Maulana Badruddin Ajmal clearly said that Indian Muslims are very happy in India and there is zero sympathy for terror groups among Indian Muslims. He warned that if any terror group would try to attack India, Indian Muslims will be in first row to fight against it because it would be a cowardly attack not only on sovereignty of the country but also on humanity.

On the other hand, in a press conference in Mumbai yesterday AIUDF leaders of Maharashtra unit Maulana Mahmood Daryabadi, Dr Azimuddin, Mr. Yonus Maniyar, Mr. Tarun Rathi, Maulana Farooq Mithaiwala and M. Burhanuddin Qasmi talked in length about issues related to India’s external and internal security.

They said that the Mumbai attack which took at least 173 valuable lives and left 308 people wounded was planned in Pakistan as it was accepted by some ministers of Pakistan government following the attack. They also urged Home and External affairs ministries of India to be alert and make no mistakes because China has a history of sudden attack on India.

They also appealed to all Indian citizens to stand firmly and united against any foreign aggression and attack to protect India’s sovereignty by all means.

After addressing the press conference these leaders visited Governor House and met Mr. SC Jamir, Governor of Maharashtra and handed over a memorandum with following demands:

1. That the acquittal of Hafiz Saeed by the Pakistani court is nothing but a disgraceful act and the government of India must immediately move to the International Court of Justice. The cases against Saeed and companies are no way internal affairs of Pakistan alone; rather they are external security affairs of India and other peace loving countries. All accused against India’s security must be fairly trailed and punished so that no one in future dares to challenge even the weakest of India’s citizens.

2. AIUDF demands that India’s Home affairs and External affairs ministries, both responsible for nation’s internal and external security and sovereignty, must ‘make no mistake’ that China is highly aggressive and our preparation should be fully adequate. It is high time to put international and diplomatic pressures on China, keep it away from Nepal and make India’s bond strong with friendly neighboring countries.

3. AIUDF vehemently condemns Pakistan’s na-pak action of ‘clean chit’ given to the mentor of dastardly attacks on Mumbai and it also condemns China’s repeated aggression against our country. All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) calls upon all the patriot Indians and organizations to protest against and to force Pakistan to prosecute Hafiz Saeed properly and stand firmly united against any foreign aggression, whatsoever, targeting our national security and sovereignty.