Rahul Gandhi visits JNU


New Delhi : Congress leader Rahul Gandhi late Tuesday visited the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus here and addressed a public meeting organised by the students wing of Congress party.

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Gandhi spoke at length on various issues including economy and education and said it would take some time before growth could trickle down and energise the economy.

Responding to a query from the audience, he said, the industrial sector growth needs to be channelised for reforms in education and there is no point in industrial growth if its benefits do not reach the masses and resolve the common man’s plight. He also called for subsidising the education at all the levels.

The meeting, held in the Kendriya Vidyalaya grounds in the university campus was organised by National Students Union of India (NSUI), the students wing of Congress party.

Speaking to IANS, Manoranjan Mahapatra, a leader of NSUI’s JNU unit, said the recent efforts by Rahul Gandhi towards bringing more transparency in the elections to NSUI units all over the country will benefit the organisation and spur growth for the party as a whole.

The public meet, which was attended by over 3,000 students, was Rahul Gandhi’s maiden visit to the university campus after his foray into politics.

Gandhi, before moving to address the meet, also paid a quick visit to Jhelum hostel where he had dinner with students. He was accompanied by the Congress leader Meenakshi Natarajan.

A small group of students from the ultra-left students’ faction tried to create disturbance during the visit and even showed black flag to the leader but the situation was put under control.