For Dalit liberation, Dalit-Muslim unity must: Dalit leader

By TCN Staff Reporter,

New Delhi: “Dalits are victims of both Hindu atrocities and Hindutva, and for the liberation of Dalits, Dalit-Muslim unity is must,” said Dalit leader and President of Ambeker Samaj Party, Bhai Tej Singh. He was speaking at a function for release of the book “End Of Casteism”here in on Sunday.

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The book is written by T M Mani, a well-known Dalit leader from Tamilnadu who waged a long war against casteism and caste atrocities. The book is documentation of his own struggle, sufferings and achievements.

Emphasising upon the need of Dalit-Muslim unity, Tej Singh said, “There is an urgent need of Dalit-Muslim unity for both Dalit liberation as well as empowerment of Muslims in India”. “Muslims intellectuals as well as Ulema must come forward for this great cause”, he added.

Author of the book, T M Mani too emphasised on the importance of Dalit-Muslim unity and called upon the Muslim community to come forward to liberate Dalits otherwise they will be not forgiven by the God Almighty on the Day of Judgment.

Dr. Zafar ul Islam Khan, Editor-in Chief, Milli Gazette, English fortnightly in his presidential address congratulated the author for both his anti-casteism war and the book and hoped that this book will work as a handbook for all those interested in real empowerment of marginalised communities in India.

The book can be obtained from Vergal Publications 235, Peters Road, Royapettah, Chennai- 14 at cost of 50 rupees.