Shia cleric condemns govt takeover of properties of Raja of Mahmoodabad

By Staff Reporter,

Lucknow: Barely 24 hours after district administration reclaimed the properties of Raja of Mahmoodabad following directives of union home ministry, eminent Shia cleric and Imam-e-Juma Maulana Kalbe Jawwad on Thursday termed it as a Congress ploy to deprive the Muslims from their properties.

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“Congress party has always remained anti-Muslim, it has again showed its true colours. There was no need to make amendment in the law just for reclaiming the properties of Raja Mahmoodabad. This amendment is anti Muslims as only they are concerned with the enemy property,” said Jawwad while interacting with reporters on Thursday in Lucknow. He also stated that Congress regime has always been anti Muslims and it is evident from the previous decisions. “Congress is behind the depriving of the minority status of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), it again sidelined reservation to dalit Muslims by overlooking the constitution and the Raja Mahmoodabad episode is the latest in the list,” he claimed.

Jawwad, who is also a member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) urged the state government for not implementing the amendment in the enemy property law which has deprived the Raja Mahmoodabad of his estate.

Taking a dig at Congress, the cleric claimed another anti Muslim stand of the Congress party is the upcoming Waqf Assurance Bill. “The ingredients of the Waqf Assurance Bill are against the interests of Muslims and will not help in protecting the waqf properties,” he remarked. Jawwad also rebuffed the minority welfare ministry in the union government as a redundant body. “Had the minority welfare minstry been active the home ministry would have consulted it but since it has no importance they overlooked it,” said Jawwad.

In another voices of dissent, the descendants of erstwhile royal Oudh dynasty in Lucknow also decried the amendment for reclaiming the property of Raja Mahmoodabad. Prince Amir Naqi Khan, Nawab Meer Jafar Abdullah and Nawabzada Syed Masoom Raza in a joint press release termed the developments as a cruel joke with Muslims who have stayed in India for the love of the nation and did not go to Pakistan. “People had welcomed the apex court’s decision in this regard but the Congress regime considers itself above the Supreme Court. Such an anti Muslim act was not done even by those who are termed fundamentalists by the Congress,” read the statement.