Sanjay Jha to head Motorola’s handset business

By Gurmukh Singh, IANS,

Chicago: Bihar-born Sanjay Jha, currently the co-CEO of Motorola, will be the new chief executive officer of its handset and home businesses as the mobile phone maker Thursday announced it will split itself into two independent, publicly traded companies from early next year.

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One company will comprise Motorola’s mobile handset and home (television set-top) businesses and the other will include the enterprise mobility solutions and networks businesses, the company said in a statement.

Based at Schaumburg on the outskirts of Chicago, Motorola employs more than 60,000 people around the world.

“The combination of mobile devices and our home (basically TV set-top boxes) business brings together two highly complementary and innovative organizations,” said Jha.

“Together we will be best positioned to lead in the convergence of mobility, media, and the Internet. Our expanding portfolio of smart phones and end-to-end video content delivery capabilities will enable us to provide advanced mobile media solutions and multi-screen experiences for our customers,” Jha said.

Greg Brown, the other co-CEO, will head the remaining enterprise mobility and network businesses.

After the decision was announced, Brown said, “We are the leading mission-and business-critical technology solutions provider with a commitment to innovation. As an independent company, we will continue to build on our long-standing tradition of strong customer relationships, leading-edge product development, quality, thought leadership, and solid financial performance.”

Motorola chairman David Dorman said the re-structuring will provide “operational and strategic flexibility” for the two companies and position them for future success.

The telecom giant said both businesses will be well capitalized to execute their business plans and seize future opportunities.

Though both the companies will use the Motorola brand, Jha-run mobile devices and home business will own the brand name. It will license the brand name royalty free to the enterprise mobility and networks business.

With its mobile business in decline, Motorola had announced in 2008 to put the cell phone unit into a new company. But the plan was shelved because of the global crisis.

Motorola has not been able to produce a wonder handset to repat the popularity of Razr phone released in 2005.