Artist depicts migration as ants’ invasion on Colombia


Bogota: Swarm of ants made of fibreglass carved on the facade, pillars and windows of Colombian Congress building depicts the impact of migration and displacement across the world, says prominent sculptor Rafael Gomexbarros.

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Hundreds of large black- and brown-coloured ants covering the Colombian Congress symbolise human migration. The sculpture represents the impact of “immigration, globalisation and displacement”, Gomezbarros said.

“I’m trying to force a reflection on what we experience and see on a daily basis, and also to raise awareness about our monuments,” the artist said.

A total of 1,300 ants, each measuring 95 centimetres in length, have been mounted on the facade of the legislative headquarters. The sculpture titled “Casatomada” (House Occupied) was carved with the help of special resin and fibreglass.

The creation “does not go beyond artistic expression, and in a sense is more social than political because it seeks to call attention to monuments”, said 37-year-old Gomezbarros who studied plastic arts in Bogota.

The art will be displayed at the Congress building through March 26 and then it will be installed at a monument of Los Heroes in northern part of the Colombian capital.

Gomezbarros said that in June “Casatomada” will be exhibited in the US, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Canada, Spain and Germany.

The artist told EFE that one of his dreams is for his work to “invade” Madrid’s Puerta de Alcala and other monuments in the Spanish capital.