IPCC to focus on humanitarian issues: Pachauri


New Delhi: Rajendra Pachauri, head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Saturday said the UN body’s fifth assessment report scheduled in 2013 will focus on “socio-economic factors and humanitarian” issues.

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“So far emphasis has been on physical, biological and geological aspects of climate change but we haven’t really effectively translated that into what it would do at the economic and social level and most importantly at humanitarian level. So this something we will really focus on,” Pachauri told reporter here.

Pachauri said IPCC will ensure a consistent evaluation of key uncertainties and risks of climate change.

“We will have a comprehensive and integrated synthesis report for which we have started focusing very early. We will make sure that the synthesis report is kept in focus and therefore the working group will deal with issues which are integrated and synthesised in nature,” he said.

The IPCC has decided to include Frequently Asked Questions in the fifth report for people to understand climate change issues.

The group of over 2,500 scientists worldwide is likely to address some new issues like cryosphere dealing with changes in ice sheets in polar and glacier regions, biochemical changes in ocean, including acidification and geoengineering involving clouds and aerosols.

“The other areas to be addressed include migration and population displacement, conflict, adaptation measures, carbon accounting, lifestyle changes and assessment of policies, institutions and finance,” he said.

Pachauri said the IPCC has launched a scholarship with its Nobel Peace Prize winnings to strengthen climate change science capabilities in developing countries.