Pakistani PM hits out at British counterpart


Islamabad : Pakistani Prime Minister, Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani, on Thursday hit out at his British counterpart, David Cameron, who accused Islamabad of exporting terrorism to Afghanistan and the world.

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Gilani, while speaking in the Senate, warned that criticizing role of Pakistani agencies would affect the war on terror.

The opposition leader Raja Zafarul Haq raised the issue of the remarks of British Prime Minister during his visit to India also accused Islamabad of having links with terrorist groups.

Cameron also noted that the Pakistani government was guilty of double dealing by both making an alliance with the West and helping terror groups inside Pakistani territory.

The Prime Minister pointed out that forces of NATO and other countries could not control the situation in Afghanistan despite their heavy numbers and more resources.

He said Pakistan has suffered more casualties and damages than the combined losses of the NATO forces in the war against terror. “Pakistan has paid a heavy price and the world should realize our difficulties and must provide necessary support for capacity building of our forces”.

Meanwhile, commenting on remarks of British Prime Minister, David Cameron, Pakistani Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, said that his remarks are surprising.

The Foreign Minister added that Pakistan’s achievements and successes against terrorism cannot be negated or belittled by the disclosure of evidently self-serving and skewed reports on WikiLeaks.

“We take serious exception to any suggestion that falsifies facts and tends to put the entire onus of terrorism on Pakistan. This is totally unacceptable,” the Foreign Minister said.