IOC Workshop to encourage youngsters to take to sports


New Delhi : An Olympic Education toolkit has been developed to help educators, coaches and youth group leaders to encourage youngsters to take to sports and to teach them the educational values of the Olympic disciplines.

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In the five-day interactive workshop on the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP) at the Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram, the 28 delegates from across the country were introduced to “Teaching Values: an Olympic Education Toolkit with focus on how to use the manual effectively in the classroom.

The workshop, that concluded Friday, was conducted by Deanna Binder and T.A. Ganda Sithole, IOC director, department of international cooperation and development. It had activities like planning and performing a mini-Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, story telling through poster design and journal writing exercises.

The participants made presentations on how they would implement OVEP in their communities.

Indian Olympic Association secretary-general Randhir Singh said IOA is committed to OVEP programme, launched by IOC president Jacques Rogge during the Commonwealth Youth Games at Pune last year. Randhir also said the programme would be the part of the activities of the Indian National Club Games that will target 800,000 clubs in the country.

“We had a very successful meeting of the Olympic Values Education Programme. We are committed to the Olympic value and developing the game at the grassroots level. I am sure all the participants, after this workshop, will make the difference in their states,” Randhir said.