Pakistan recognises terrorism as shared threat with India: US


Washington: The United States says it’s encouraged by Pakistan’s counter-terrorism efforts as it believes that Islamabad now recognises terrorism as a “shared threat” with India and other countries.

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Security and counter-terrorism efforts were part of the discussion at the first Pakistan-US strategic dialogue here this week “and we will continue our cooperation”, State Department spokesman Philip J. Crowley told reporters Friday.

“We are obviously encouraged by steps that have been taken by Pakistan in recent months because I think Pakistan now recognizes, as we do, that this is a shared threat,” he said when asked about discussions with the Pakistani team in view of concerns voiced by India and CIA about terrorism emanating from Pakistan.

“It’s a shared threat for Pakistan, it’s a shared threat for India, it’s a shared threat for others,” Crowley said. “And I just would caution that we should not see this in zero-sum terms.”

“The United States is building a deeper relationship with India, a deeper relationship with Pakistan, the same with Afghanistan,” he said. “This is good for the United States, it’s good for these countries individually, and it’s also good for the region as a whole.”

The official said the civilian component of US strategy was geared towards identifying ways of working with Pakistan, meeting the needs of the Pakistani people, strengthening institutions, the rule of law and civilian governance within Pakistan.

“We have gone beyond the security lens that has been and remains a key component, but not just now the only lens through which you can evaluate the US-Pakistani relationship,” he said.

Asked about a New York Times report that a key contact of Pakistani-American Mumbai terror case suspect David Coleman Headley was a member of the Pakistani military, Crowley parried: “I’m not familiar with that information.”