JIH issues guidelines for Muslims for Census 2011

By TCN News,

Patna: Jamat-e- Islami Hind (JIH) has appealed to Muslim community to take census 2011 seriously making sure registration of their names and information about them is recorded correctly. The census which has already begun from 1st April 2010 gets importance as it is also part of preparation of the National Population Register in which every Indian citizen has to get his/her name registered.

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Besides, on the basis of this census everyone will get an identity card which will be used for all official works such as opening of bank account, taking loans, getting scholarship etc.

JIH has given some guidelines to help the common people.

1. Responsible person of every family should write names of his family members with correct spelling, address, and date of births on a piece of paper and tell officials to register all these according to it.

2. Uneducated and those who do not have enough knowledge about it should seek help others without any hesitation.

3. Local organizations should constitute groups who would be with officials to help them as well as ensure registration of Muslims names with correct spelling.

4. Every individual should also give some times for the census work.