Census panel alerts Orissa officials on migration


Bhubaneswar: The census department has asked the Orissa government to ensure accuracy in counting of people and house listing in some pockets of the state as they reported a decrease in population in the last census, an official said Tuesday.

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At least 101 out of 171 “tehsils” (sub-district administrative units) responsible for conducting census in several villages under their jurisdiction had shown less than the state average growth rate of population as per 2001 census, according to official data.

The national growth rate of population for the decade 1991-2001 was 21.54 percent. In comparison, Orissa only showed a growth rate of population of 16.25 percent.

The Patnagarh tehsil in Bolangir district had reported the alarming decrease of population by 4.55 percent over the decade 1991-2001.

There were at least 17 numbers of tehsils, which showed a population growth rate of less than 10 percent.

“The abnormal rates may be due to migration,” Bishnupada Sethi, director of census operation in Orissa, told IANS.

“We have asked local authorities to create public awareness in all the pockets, which reported less than normal growth of population,” he said.

He said they had village-wise information for the entire state and have offered to share it with the officials of the district administration concerned for any review.

The 2011 Census of India is being conducted in two phases, namely a house listing operation and population enumeration. The house listing operation along with collection of information for preparation of a National Population Register started in the state April 7 and will conclude May 22.