China to give Pakistan $180 mn to strengthen law enforcement


Islamabad : China will give Pakistan $180 million for enhancing the capacity of its law enforcers, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said during a visit to Beijing Friday.

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Malik was given the assurance during a meeting with his Chinese counterpart Meng Chiang, Online news agency reported.

The meeting was held in a very cordial and friendly atmosphere and matters of mutual interest came up for discussion.

During the meeting, Meng appreciated Pakistan’s efforts in the war against terrorism.

China also offered training facilities to Pakistani law enforcers.

Earlier, addressing the Pakistani community at the country’s embassy, Malik said the Pakistan Peoples Party-led government was confronted with a number of challenges, including terrorism, when it came to power two years ago.

With the support of the masses and decisions of the political leadership, most of the challenges were either solved or reduced to some degree, he added.

In this regard, Malik especially referred to the National Finance Commission Award that had remained dormant for many years. However, the government had got it implemented with the consensus of all political forces.

The award deals with the re-distribution of resources among the provinces.

The other major problem the country was facing was the shortage of power, Malik said, adding that the steps taken recently in this regard were short term measures.

The government was also working on a war footing to address the issue of power outages, caused by a generation shortfall of 4,700 MW, the minister said.

Malik said the government was resolved to eliminate terrorism and informed the meeting about the successes achieved by the army and law enforcing agencies in flushing out terrorists from Swat and Malakand areas of Pakistan’s northwest.